Interior Designer Vs Architect

Dissimilarity Between Interior Architects & Interior Designer

There has been debate raging for some time around terms Interior Architects & Interior Designer. I also face several question from people the dissimilarity between Interior Architects & Interior Designer. There some major distinctions. Here’s the scoop

Interior  Architect

  • Design the whole interior structure of a home
  • Include electrical and plumbing requirements in each plan
  • Select the tile , flooring and lighting , fixture and placement
  • Focus on selecting interior materials , finishes , hardware furnishing , textile , drapery , window treatments , print, color , wallpaper and accents
  • Can draw form past project
  • Formal education required ­­­­­

Interior Designer

  • Are creative and artistic individual
  • Isn’t involved with the design of the building or the layout of interior space
  • Focused entirely on the furniture , colors , textiles and texture of a room
  • Is to capture the personality and style of the resident and express it in their space
  • Doesn’t need any official training to a adopt the title

In simple , Interior designer is more to do with the art of the building and interior architect more concerned with the science . They have one similarity and this is they ask a multitude of questions to gain and understanding of your lifestyle ( how you do in your home ) , design like / dislike , the “look” you’re seeking you needs and wants.